Terms and Conditions Gift Card

The Gift Card KOKOMAMAS is available for purchase on the website www.kokomamas.com. You can buy online at the conditions listed on the site kokomamas.com the item “Gift Card”.

The use of the Gift Card is governed by the following Terms of use: The Gift Card is to be used exclusively for the purchase, in one or more solutions, of the items sold by Kokomamas.

The Gift Card is loaded and activated at the time of his purchase, with a value of your choice between 25 and 100 Euros.

After having purchased it

The Customer will receive a purchase receipt from the store, with the indication of the amount loaded. From this moment, the card will be valid for 6 months. The amount loaded on the card does not accrue interest. To know the remaining amount, log in to your account, select the section “My Gift Card”, enter the code in the appropriate box and in the end click on the “Verify”button.

The Gift Card is “a card”, and then can be used for multiple purchases until complete exhaustion of the value contained or partial payment of a purchase.

Can not be recharged and does not give a right to cash refunds.

And’ to the bearer and is equivalent to cash if it is lost, stolen or damaged, the card can not be locked and can not be attributed to Kokomamas no responsibility for its misuse, theft, loss or damage. In the event of theft, damage that would render unreadable the numeric code associated with it, or in the case of loss, the Gift Card will not be replaced or refunded . The Gift Card can be used from the date of purchase until the expiry date stated on the Card itself.

If the initial value or the balance is insufficient to purchase the desired items, the missing amount must be paid via card payment.

After the expiry date the Gift Card cannot be used nor the carrier shall be entitled to any form of refund of the remaining credit. Any claim relating to the use of the Gift Card can be sent via e - mail to the address customer@kokomamas.com or by registered letter with return receipt addressed to:

Kokomamas Customer Service, Via Catalani, n 22, 47838 Riccione (RN).

The purchase and use of Gift Card constitutes acceptance of these terms of use. The terms of use valid and updated will be published on the website of Kokomamas to the following address: www.kokomamas.com . Any dispute relating to the use of the Gift Card will be governed by Italian law.