Who we are

First of all, the Italian style!

Then the good taste. The details and colors, the touch of an artisan who has made the elegance and splendour the soul of a Country.

Kokomamas takes such care to create a collection of sophisticated accessories, and delicious, beautiful to look at, touch and wear. Contain an idea, a concept, a character, and match with ease to the life style of those who wear them.

It is the intuition of a family of Riccione that has turned a simple passion into a brand ambitious.

An intuition that soon became a commitment in the search of the most beautiful hides in the production of Italian craftsmanship. But there is also the touch of purely personal with the line on the Vibrant, which presents bijoux fancy to wear in any occasion.

The uniqueness of this line is the sign of the work of the family, is the charm of a product that is homemade to be found in any other part of the world.

Kokomamas intrudes upon so in a market that increasingly loses sight of the pleasure and the good taste, sometimes full of trends and manias that have short-term and barely are remembered.

But the love for the accessories that really make the difference, for those that have something special, sometimes even a detail, the only one of its kind, this Love, still is.